Glitter by Natalie!

I’m obsessed with glitter, fact! I seem to spread my sparkle wherever I go, I’m always covered in it! I’ve just looked up at my husband, and he even has glitter on him too! It’s such a ‘problem’ I even keep a few extras towels with me so I don’t get glitter all over my client’s houses. However the other day I took out a used towel and covered a client’s little black puppy in glitter! So cute!!!!

You can imagine my excitement when my friend Antony came to me with a very glittery business proposition. He owns a company selling genuine Swarovski crystals (Instagram @thecrystalhub1 & @stephen_arnold_ltd), and he was approached by Tileyard music to run a ‘glitter bar’ at their Christmas party. I have glittered many a face for a festival, so I jumped at the chance to run the glitter bar for the evening! Antony supplied the Swarovski crystals to give everyone that added real sparkle!

The party started at 6 pm, the first few people through the door were a litter reluctant, saying they would come back in a few hours. But once the drinks started flowing the queue began growing and I glittered solidly for 3 hours! The girls all had pretty glitter around their eyes, and a guy wanted full on glitter goggles! But my faves had to be the glitter moustaches, beards and eyebrows! A week on and I reckon the guys are still finding glitter everywhere!

I can’t wait to get the glitter bar out again, roll on festival season 2018!

Who is she?!

Based in London, Natalie offers the full range of hand and feet prettification services at your own home, as well as at work, parties, weddings, events and everything in between! These include manicures, pedicures, gel polish and a special talent for gorgeous nail art (see her social media feeds for proof of said gorgeousness). Natalie is fully qualified with 10 years of experience under her belt and even offers little discounts for parties & larger groups if you speak to her nicely. She’s the life and soul of any hen party, loves anything remotely sparkly and is an avid festival goer (ask about her special ‘festival nail’ designs).

Need some pretty in your life? Call Natalie on 07506 700351 or drop her a line on for availability and prices.