Christmas @ Astley Clarke, Selfridges

Just one month to go of 2017 and what a year its been. As well as getting married, it’s been my best year ever in terms of nails painted and with the year coming to close I’m busier than ever! As well as my usual home based clients and my weekday offices, I also get to do some super cool events, with this weekend being one of the best I’ve done all year.

I was asked to paint nails in Selfridges for the gorgeous jewellery company Astley Clarke. December is a fun-filled month in Selfridges. As well as myself prettifying nails there was also DJs, engraving services, artists and of course we had a visit from the main-man Santa!

I took my selection of Artistic Colour Revolution polishes and was offering mini manicures with each purchase. My first client went for ‘Goddess’ which is a rose gold, and she asked for silver tips. The result was a very subtle finish, and it was a nice twist on the French manicure. Throughout the weekend I mainly did red, red and more red! Clearly, Christmas fever has taken hold! On my nails at the mo I have black gels with red glitter, I like to describe it as subtly festive! As I was offering regular polish I made sure I had plenty of the amazing quick dry spray ‘The Ultimate Fix’ to set the polish super quick so all the lovely ladies could carry on shopping.

In December I also get asked to do manicures at Christmas work parties. As I’m self-employed, I don’t usually get to have a Chrimbo party myself. However this I’ve joined forces with my lovely friends Sarah & Claire (who also work for themselves), and Sarah has offered to have us, and the other halves, over for an English/Danish fusion food Christmas party (she’s Danish). I have no idea what to expect, but I’m very excited!

Who is she?!

Based in London, Natalie offers the full range of hand and feet prettification services at your own home, as well as at work, parties, weddings, events and everything in between! These include manicures, pedicures, gel polish and a special talent for gorgeous nail art (see her social media feeds for proof of said gorgeousness). Natalie is fully qualified with 10 years of experience under her belt and even offers little discounts for parties & larger groups if you speak to her nicely. She’s the life and soul of any hen party, loves anything remotely sparkly and is an avid festival goer (ask about her special ‘festival nail’ designs).

Need some pretty in your life? Call Natalie on 07506 700351 or drop her a line on for availability and prices.