What areas do you cover?

EVERYWHERE. I live in North London but can get to pretty much anywhere that you are via the good old Tube or my zippy little Smart car. You can, of course, always come to my place to get your nails done. I make a decent cuppa.

And when do you work?

Any time of the day or night. There’s never a bad time for prettification.

I hear gel polish looks great but is terrible for my nails. True or false?

Categorically false. If your nails are a little damaged before we start, then gels won’t improve them but they won’t make them any worse either. As long as you treat your hands and nails well and have Shellacs and gels removed by a professional like me, you won’t have any problems.

How long do I have to wait for those bad boys to dry before I can get on with my day?

With a manicure or pedicure using Vinylux, you’re looking at 7 – 10 minutes max. With Jessica polish and quick-dry drops, they’ll be touch dry in around 10 minutes but go easy on them for the next hour! Gel polish is instant, so you’re ready to go as soon as I’ve put the polish pot down.

How long will it all last?

Most clients usually re-book me every 2-3 weeks to remove and reapply their gel polish. The pedicures tend to last ages, though. A Vinylux manicure should last for 7 days, but you do need to reapply the topcoat to keep it looking snazzy.

How do I book you?

Dial 07506 700351 on your telephone machine or send a carrier pigeon to natalie@nailsbynatalierose.co.uk

How do I pay?

The usual way! I accept cash or banks transfer.

Will you give me a discount if I bring along some friends?

You betcha. The more the merrier, just give me a call and we’ll see what we can do.

Any chance of a gift voucher for a friend?

Of course! They make great presents. It can be for a specific value or for a particular treatment. If you’d like some nail varnish or hand cream to go with it, I can give you some at a special price.

Home visit only?

Oh no, I can paint nails anywhere and everywhere from offices, to product launches, weddings and events. As long as there’s two chairs and table I’m there!

Fun Facts

Me in a nutshell… help I’m in nutshell!

  • Painting nails since ’94. Turned pro in 2005
  • I paint over 6500 nails a year
  • And travel over 3000 miles
  • Furthest: North – Potter Bar, South – Surbiton, East – Canary Wharf, West – Chelsea
  • Most popular colour? Red of course  😉  More specifically ‘Artistic’ Hotness

Who I’ve work with

I don’t like to brag but…

  • Oliver Bonus
  • Disney
  • Vue Leicester Square
  • LinkedIn
  • adam&eveddb
  • Penguin
  • JOY
  • Oglivy
  • Trip Advisor
  • Reiss
  • Zara Martin
  • Primark

Who is she?!

Based in London, Natalie offers the full range of hand and feet prettification services either from her home or yours. These include manicures, pedicures, gel polish and a special talent for gorgeous nail art (see her social media feeds for proof of said gorgeousness). Natalie is fully qualified with 10 years of experience under her belt and even offers little discounts for parties & larger groups if you speak to her nicely. She’s the life and soul of any hen party, loves anything remotely sparkly and is an avid festival goer (ask about her special ‘festival nail’ designs).

Need some pretty in your life? Call Natalie on 07506 700351 or drop her a line on natalie@nailsbynatalierose.co.uk for availability and prices.

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