Olympia Beauty Show 2017

This week I was painting nails for #nailingmentalhealth again, this time it at Olympia at this weeks beauty show.  I always go to the beauty shows, February at ExCel and October in Olympia. I’ve also dragged my good nail friend Janine all the way to Birmingham with me, it’s a great day out, and I get all my products slightly discounted!!! It’s also it’s much better seeing all the new colours, gels and glitters in person as they aren’t always true to colour on the computer screen!

I started my day very early, my bezzie Joey was working at the show (she works for the iiaa, a great skincare brand), so she offered me a lift to Kensington. It did mean leaving at 7am (the show started at 10 am!!!) but we had a good gossip in the car, and I got to go in as the doors opened!! I made a beeline straight for the Magpie stand as last time I must have qued for over an hour! I picked out lots of new glitters which I’m so excited to try! I also grabbed a gel I’ve been after for so long, called meltdown Margaret! In my excitement I picked up the wrong colour which I only noticed when I got home, it’s a lovely purple, just means I’ll have to do an online order too. 

My next stop was to renew my insurance, as I was one of the first customers I also received a show goody bag containing cake, water some products and a copy of Scratch magazine. I’ve now got a monthly subscription to it which is great as it’s the best industry magazine.

While browsing the Louella Belle stand I bumped into my lovely friend Katy, she was off to paint for Nailing Mental Health, so I went up a little earlier than my time slot. Again the atmosphere was great, a girl came to my desk with lovely long acrylic nails and chose the blue and green glitter, it was a struggle applying it without a brush, but it looked fab! Katy’s client went a little more subtle with just sparkly ring fingers!

Katy and I had a wander around after painting, and I found some more glitters to buy! I had to leave before it finished as I had to get back for a client in London Bridge that afternoon. 

Over the next few weeks I will be using my new glitters, so keep an eye on my Instagram to see them all!

Who is she?!

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