Nail Care: Do your nails need to breathe?

Do they need to breathe? This is a question I’m asked a lot! My answer is always ‘No, nails don’t need to breathe’. I feel it’s time though to back that answer up with some cold hard (kinda) scientific nail facts!

The reality is that nails receive their nutrients and oxygen from the blood stream and not the air, according to board-certified dermatologist and nail specialist Dr. Dana Stern. When nail polish is left on for a prolonged period, something called a Keratin Granulation can develop. These are white, rough patches on the nail that form when the polish is removed along with the superficial layers of nails cells. – nothing to worry about, a gentle buff and a bit of cuticle oil and your nails are back to perfect again.

One reason your nails end up dry and flaky could be to do with products used on your nails, pure acetone is the enemy!! To soak off gels I use remover wraps which do have acetone in, but they also contain conditioners. Overexposure to water and alcohol like that found in hand sanitizers is another problem that can result in nail weakness and dryness. Peeling off polish can also inadvertently remove the superficial layers of nail cells and cause white patches, which is why I strongly advise against this!

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Dadi’oil, Kaeso Juicy Drops and CND Rescue RX

Cuticle oil should be every girl’s best friend. If you can’t get hold of cuticle oil then use coconut oil, almond oil, or even pop a bit of olive oil on your cuticles when you’re cooking!! My favourite cuticle oils are Kaeso Juicy Drops and Dadi’oil. These are great to use all the time, as often as you can. I recommend clients put their oil by their toothbrush, so they remember to use it twice a day. If you are looking for an intensive treatment then I would strongly recommend CND RescueRX, it is a commitment as you are recommended to use it twice a day, every day for four weeks and you can’t wear or polish on your nails.

Hopefully that’s dispelled some of those urban nail myths for you, plus you’ve picked up some ‘handy’ tips to look after those lovely nails of yours!