Wedding & Hens

The summer is most definitely here, and I am absolutely love love loving the sunshine! I’ve been doing a lot of pedicures, and most of my clients have been going for sparkles on their toes!

Months ago I was booked by Jess to do nails for her and her four bridesmaids on the Thursday before her wedding. Their dresses were a gorgeous blush pink, so they went for a nude on their nails. Jess lives in Brockley, and it was my first time in that area, and it’s super lovely! I did laugh as they all grew up in north-west London, and one of the bridesmaids actually lived in Colindale (where I now live) for a few years! Such a small world!

That Saturday I was also booked to do a hen party in Islington, as there were eight lovely ladies wanting their nails prettifying. I brought my friend Janine with me, we’ve worked together a lot in the past, and it’s always fun to catch up with her! The hens were all hanging out in the garden playing games and two at a time they would come into the little ‘nail salon’ we created in the front room.

Then on Sunday, I was booked by Myriam to do a group in Colindale. That ended up being day 7 of 14 days in a row manicuring! When I tell people that they usually gasp, but I love what I do so I don’t mind! The Sunday booking was quite a crazy one, more and more ladies were added on, no one can resist a mani! I ended up doing six manicures and six pedicures!!! Myriam and her family were all so lovely, keeping me hydrated with mint tea and they kept bringing me more and more delicious homemade biscuits! Once I left there, I went home to a lovely meal and some family time.

It’s been the best start to the summer, the sun has been shining, England did us proud in the World Cup, and I have lots of lovely parties, weddings and fun days out planned! Don’t forget to book me in if you need your nails prettifying before your holibobs, a wedding or because sparkly nails in the sunshine is just the best! 🙂

Who is she?!

Based in London, Natalie offers the full range of hand and feet prettification services at your own home, as well as at work, parties, weddings, events and everything in between! These include manicures, pedicures, gel polish and a special talent for gorgeous nail art (see her social media feeds for proof of said gorgeousness). Natalie is fully qualified with over 10 years of experience under her belt and even offers little discounts for parties & larger groups if you speak to her nicely. She’s the life and soul of any hen party, loves anything remotely sparkly and is an avid festival goer (ask about her special ‘festival nail’ designs).

Need some pretty in your life? Call Natalie on 07506 700351 or drop her a line on for availability and prices.